Officine BIEFFEBI specializes in welding and cold forming of sheet metal, though it also provides a comprehensive, custom-made service, mainly in the industrial and commercial vehicle part business as well as in the agricultural and gardening machines part business.

Sheet metal forming

Our machine fleet, comprised of hydraulic and mechanical presses of varying tonnage, allows to perform a wide array of processes, including: deep drawing, decambering, coining, shearing, bending, notching, hole punching, cutting, blanking, etc.


The assembly unit features 7 robot-controlled welding station as well as certified welders holding the relevant license as per the EN 287.1 standard. We perform manual and automatic MAG welding, manual and automatic spot welding, projection welding, brazing, etc.

Supply package

Besides our internal processes, we are capable of providing our customers with complete and tailored services. Indeed, upon request from the customer, we may coordinate the entire order independently and supply a full package by taking care of managing:
  • Other structural and technology processes such as sheet metal laser cutting, 3D tube laser cutting, milling, turning, etc.
  • Surface treatments (sandblasting, shot peening, galvanizing, painting, cataphoresis, aluminum anodizing, geomet, etc.)
  • Heat treatments (quenching, carburizing, carbonitriding, etc.)
For the above processes we resort to qualified and well-proven suppliers, which we had a chance to assess over years of collaboration. All our sub-suppliers who specialize in the above processes are located a few miles from our facility, thus allowing us to ensure fast response times and low logistic costs.