Quality system

Since 1998, when Officine BIEFFEBI was awarded the quality certification under the ISO 9001 standard, the company has implemented a management and control system to the entire organization.
The quality management systems is compliant with the requirements of the standard and has the key goal of ensuring the fulfillment of customers’ needs and expectations by means of continuous improvement.
In order to accomplish this goal, have been defined and adopted widespread policies and procedures at every organization level, in order to be fully understood and applied by everyone. The quality management system implies the steady commitment to promoting and disseminating the continuous improvement mentality, to improve global efficiency in all process phases as well as the professional level, to comply with the regulations in force and customers’ specification, to accomplish the agreed quality levels and, finally, to raise awareness, train and update internal staff systematically.
The defined goals are reviewed periodically according to the relevant quality indexes, while the whole organization is subject to internal audit cycles as well as audits carried out by the certification body.

As of February 2016 Officine BIEFFEBI is ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified for automotive industry and from June 2017 Officine BIEFFEBI achieved ISO 14000:2015 certification.

Quality control

Through the entire manufacturing process, from the receipt of raw materials to dispatch of finished products, are carried out all controls provided by the Control Plan in accordance with ISO 9001 standard and with customers’ specifications.
During the receipt phase, every supply is accepted and stored only upon passing all checks prescribed by the relevant Control Plan. Suppliers’ performance is evaluated based on their compliance with logistic and quality requirements and, from time to time, suppliers are sent their relevant KPI statistics.
The whole manufacturing process is constantly subject to the checks defined for the different product development stages and process phases (process validation, self-check, spot-checks, etc.).
In agreement with the prescriptions on outbound goods quality procedure, finished product audits are performed in order to guarantee the conformity of the shipped parts. In case any internal nonconformities are detected, suitable corrective actions are implemented under the “Problem-solving 8D” method.
Bulletin boards or info panels are located in any departments to constantly monitor and share the trends of internal nonconformities and those nonconformities that are reported by customers.

Metrology lab/Dimensional measurements

The metrology lab is equipped with one automatic Wenzel coordinate-measuring machine (3D CMM). This is where the measuring instruments are calibrated and where dimensional measurements are carried out on the products during the following production phases:
  • New product launches and/or changes to the existing products through the APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) process
  • Approval of samples through the PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) method
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Laboratory tests

For laboratory materials testing (metallographic analysis, corrosion tests, tensile tests, etc.) and calibrations we are partner in a specialized technical lab and we have an arrangement with an ACCREDIA-accredited laboratory.

Welding process control

We carry out internally torque tests, peel testing, weld macros as well as dye penetrant inspections in order to validate and monitor the welding processes.

Quality and Environmental Policy